The museum is located in Taichung's No. 65 park, near the Cultural Affairs Bureau (Cultural Center),
Taichung City Government. It is a rectangular building with a basement and three main floors.
How to get to the Museum:

Airport :
At the Chiang Kai-shek International Airport, take the bus operated by Kingbus (Guoguang) or U bus (Tunglien)
heading towards the Chao Ma Station in Taichung. After entering Taichung city center,
get off at the SOGO Department Store. From there, take a taxi to the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts,
located at the intersection of Meitsuen Road and Wu-chuan West Road.

Freeway :
Taichung Harbor Exit - Taijunggang Road - Turn right on Meitsuen Road - Reach intersection at Wu-chuan West
Road - Museum Nantuen Exit - Wu-chuan West Road - Reach intersection at Meitsuen Road -Museum

Nearby areas :
Chang Hua - Fu-shing Road - Wu-chuan Road - Wu-chuan West Road - Museum
Nantou - Guoguang Road - Turn left on Lin-sen Road - Wu-chuan Road -Wu-chuan West Road - Museum
Feng Yuan - Bei-tuen Road - San-min Road -Wu-chuan Road -Wu-chuan West Road - Museum
Da Jya, Ching Sui, Sar Lu - Zhonggang Road - Turn right on Meitsuen Road - Museum
Entrance to the Visitors' Car Park is located on Wu-chuan West Road.

Train and Bus:
To reach the museum from the Taichung train station, take either the 59 or 89 bus operated by Renyou; or, 71,
Taichung Bus; or, 75, U bus (Tunglien).