SUN Xun, Divine Landscape of Jing Bang, 2013, ink, cast paper, cotton pulp, stainless steel screw, 6 panels of tri-wall, 224 × 147.5 cm × 6 (piece). Courtesy of the Singapore Tyler Print Institute.
SUN Xun, The Experimental Republic of Jing Bang, 2014, single-channel HD video, 2 min 30 sec. Courtesy of the Singapore Tyler Print Institute.
SUN Xun, We are No Longer Political Toys (left), Jing Bang is a Heaven (right), 2013, screen print, silk, fringe, 122 × 89 cm. Courtesy of the Singapore Tyler Print Institute.


Vision of a Divine Land

I have drawn up a plan to set up a Magician Party. Rather than seeing the filthy and despicable infiltrate the land, I would rather build just a single party. In the short time since I conceive the idea, the Magician Party has been busy preparing for the building of the state for more than three decades with great flair and integrity. It does not yield to the oppressive forces of reality, and remains undaunted in the face of difficulties posed by dire circumstances. Onward it marches, becoming tougher and stronger with each setback, remaining steadfast in keeping up the good work, which inspires and influences the trend of events. It wins the hearts of people and earns praises from benevolent members of society, succeeding eventually to restore what is original, which is something closer to the true nature of the human heart.

No one escaped the wrath of typhoon ‘Alibuna’ when it wreaked havoc on China. I too was tossed up to the peak at the 49th level of the heavenly realm. When I woke up, I found myself in a warm and beautiful place surrounded by lush foliage and unsullied by dirt and dust. The people in this land are kind-hearted and upright in their conduct; most of them are from the same race and culture as me. Sometimes we find Malays and Indians among them, and also Caucasians with sharp noses, green eyes and hair of various colours.

As I reflect on the vast disparities and unsatisfactory conditions that plague the real world, an idea to build a new nation dawned upon me. I shall call this new nation the Experimental Republic of Jing Bang. This transient republic, endowed with a new and independent spirit, is not birthed from a violent revolution, neither is it a means to attain ethnic independence nor motivated by any religious agenda. It is created serendipitously, in an unencumbered fashion.  The transient republic of Jing Bang does not advocate any political beliefs, which it considers bullshit. Come to think of it, these things don’t matter anymore to a person who lives till a hundred years old, does it?

There will only be one party in the Republic of Jing Bang- the Magician’s Party. It is the only party in the world where telling lies is legally acceptable. Truth be told, no one will know if the so-called lies of the Magicians are really falsehood or truth. The idea of governance of the Magician Party can be darker than black or purer than white; no one can easily discern its true colours.

The Republic of Jing Bang shares a common vision with countries that started off advocating republicanism and democracy, such as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. But unlike many countries, the Republic of Jing Bang, which has an extremely short lifespan, will never deviate from idealism and truth. It does not have a political direction, and even if it has, it is an extremely simplistic one. Mainland China is the main source of reference when constituting the backdrop of the Republic of Jing Bang, although it will also refer to and integrate elements from other current entities in the world.

This country is very much like a mirror of the world; it not only simulates reality, it also questions it. The Republic of Jing Bang exists for only six weeks before instantly becoming a fable and a part of human history, just like the State of Manchuria, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Yugoslavia.

The Republic of Jing Bang is not merely a fleeting mirage, it is also ‘premeditated history’. If history is a big lie, then the Republic of Jing Bang uses one lie to intercept another lie. The Republic is also like a country built upon the back of a whale; it starts to exist as soon as the whale leaps out of the water, and disappears the moment it dives back under.

Herein lies a microcosm of history, with all countries past and present, all political ideals and all political secrets (be it tightly-sealed or subtly conveyed ones) eventually ending up the same way: they will die, together with the ordinary folks, the nobility and rulers as well as their political doctrines, and be buried by the wild grass.



Born in 1980, Liaoning, China.
Lives and works in Beijing, China.