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2015 Asian Art and Curators Forum—Curators Forum

In the last few years drastic political and economic changes and regional development in Asia have prompted a wave of cultural awakening. These new self-awareness and ideologies have combined forces to form new intellectual and art communities in Asia. Artists have provided responses to the progress of Asia’s modern history with contemporary art. The text and vocabulary of art brought forth subversive dynamism in the context of social reality. Art production turned from the traditional favor of the true, the good, and the beautiful into diverse experimentalism. Contemporary Asian art has taken on a critical and challenging perspective to rediscover all sorts of obscure practical issues, and voice its reactions in the process.2015 Asian Art Biennial themed with “Making Movement” is aimed at reflecting the restless milieu and emerging social energy in present Asia over the past few years, and delving into the recent developments of contemporary Asian art.

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts organizes “2015 Asian Art and Curatorial Forum”, paying special attention to the divergent racial characteristics from each region in Asia, the influence and impact of cultural accumulation and the dynamics revealed by local art forms. Our attempt is to piece together and to illustrate a mixture of action, vigor, and atmosphere created by a multidisciplinary and multidimensional Asia. We are also concerned with the significance and possibilities of potentially concealed creative energy and dissidence. The forum invite academics and experts from all over Asia to present their unique perspective, research, and analysis of the subversion, action, and dynamics displayed within the cultural fusion process and surging tides in contemporary Asian art in different regions.


Theme: Subversion, Action, and the Dynamics of Creation: Contemporary Asian Art as Social Critics in Transformation

This forum will focus on the qualities, changes, and connections of creative criticism that sprung from contemporary Asian art under social transformation and different background.


Curators Forum Date, Venue:

Date: September 20, 2015

Venue: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Auditorium



Registration for the event is open to anyone interested in the subject of fine arts (200 openings available).


2015 Asian Art and Curators Forum—Artists Forum

The theme of this year’s Asian Art Biennial is Artist Making Movement. It reflects on the restlessness and instability observed in today’s Asian society, with these anxious movements coming from people’s feelings of discontent with life, dissipation of the so-called small happiness, a sense of comfort zone, and also security mechanism failures. The existing institutions can no longer stand up to the challenges in reality, causing different phenomena that reveal the current state of Asian contemporary culture, which is in the midst of reforming its system of governance for the everyday life, with new order and relationships pursued and attempts exerted at subverting social power allocation. As the theme Artist Making Movement suggests, the ability to make (create) and to move symbolize contemporary Asian art is straying from how it was perceived in the past, as a static noun, and it is transitioning in to a verb of assertive actions. This progression denotes contemporary Asian culture’s active function and the stance taken for the actualization of art, with actions exerted for creating a new chapter in Asian history and to break away from stagnant forms and systems. Through their active interventions in reality and also their awareness for life, artists have become more assertive with using art to instigate changes, with the belief that personal creative endeavors able to evoke socially influential movements. This year’s biennial continues to encompass a diversity of genres, including painting, sculpture, installation, sound, video, performance and action-based art with an expectation to reflect this year’s theme Artist Making Movement.

 The Artists Forum invites 18 groups of artists from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Palestine, India, Philippines, Cambodia to share their observation from artistic perspective, experiences and ideas with each other and face-to-face communicate with audience.


  1. Crossover and Mobility
  2. Archives and Memories
  3. Public Awareness and Micro-Movements


Date, Venue:
Date: September 19, 2015
Venue: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Registration for the event is open to anyone interested in the subject of fine arts (200 openings available).


Education Programs

◎ Art Talks, 14:00-16:00, Auditorium

2015.09.26 (Sat.)   Iris Shu-Ping Huang ∕ Curator of Asian Art Biennial 2015   

2015.10.24 (Sat.)   Beatrice Peini Gysen Hsieh ∕ Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture at Feng Chia University 

2015.11.15 (Sun.)   Hai-Ming Huang ∕ Professor in the Department of Cultural and Creative Industries Management at National Taipei University of Education 


◎ Expert-guided tour, 14:30-15:30, gather at the information desk in the lobby on the first floor

2015.10.03 (Sat.)  James LEE, Artist, Assistant Professor of the Department of Art and Design, Yuan Ze University

2015.11.07(Sat.)  YAO, Jui-Chung, Artist, Lecturer of the School of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts

2015.12.28(Sat.)  Maggie Hsun-Wei HSU, Artist, Professor of the Department of Visual Communication Design of Chaoyang University of Technology


◎ Art activities  1/F Exhibition Site, Lobby & Gallery Street

2015.10.03 (Sat.), 10.17 (Sat.), 11.01 (Sun.)


◎ Guided tours in sign language 1/F Exhibition Site, Lobby & Gallery Street

14:30-16:00, 2015.10.24 (Sat)


◎ Arts Camps for Teens, 13:30-16:00, 1/F Exhibition Site, Lobby & Gallery Street

2015.11.14 (Sat), The Fantasy World

2015.11.29 (Sun), Focus on Asian Art History – Reinvention

Students from 4th – 9th grades are welcome


◎ Learning Programs - Expression through Art

Hands-on Activities, 2015.09.19 - 12.06  The Family Room

Children under the age of 12 are welcome, parents should be accompanied.

You can register on-site; please follow the rules of admission to The Family Room.

13:00-17:00, 2015.10.11(Sun.), 10.25 (Sun.), 11.21 (Sat.), 11.28 (Sat.), Seminar Room


Students from 4th – 6th grades are welcome.

Advance registration is required for this event, go to


◎ Children’s learning booklets are available free of charge at the information desk on the first floor


◎ Audio guides are available in Chinese and English at the Asian Art Biennial 2015 Exhibition

Free for visitors, available from the audio guide desk on 1/F Lobby. Please note that you will need to leave an identity document as a deposit (e.g. ID card, driver’s license, passport).


◎ Scheduled guided tour, 10:30 / 14:30 daily, 1/F Exhibition Site, Lobby & Gallery Street


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