Finger Pointing Worker

This work is a performance by Finger Pointing Worker who appeared in front of a live camera of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station by Tokyo Electric Power Co. in 2011. The sound is from his breathing sound that he recorded with the pin microphone put inside the face mask. The editing was by artist Kota TAKEUCHI who is the representative agent of Finger Pointing Worker.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. installed a live camera in the nuclear power station site that occurred an accident in March 2011. It distributed the appearance of the building online for 24 hours. On 28th August, the same year, a worker put his finger towards this camera for about 20 minutes. This person called Finger Pointing Worker started his website a few days later, and wrote about labor circumstances and employment system and put up opposition for trend to see nuclear workers as heroes blindly. In addition, he explained the performance confirming his figure with a cell-phone at the same time was homage for video art, centers (1972), by Vito Acconci, and emphasized about narcissism through the Internet. Tokyo Electric Power Co. showed an opinion in their press conference that it was difficult to identify who the worker was only from the video, and they would not do investigation either because it was not a serious problem.

As of 2017, people can pass approximately 90% of the nuclear power station site yard (including the place where Finger Pointing Worker stood) by wearing of general work clothes and disposable mask. Full-face mask and coverall protection suits are necessary in around the reactor buildings. In the exclusion zone where the entrance of the commoner was restricted, the reconstruction work of the nuclear power station still continues.

Finger Pointing Worker

Finger Pointing Worker is a man who pointed at the public live camera in Fukushima No.1 nuclear power station after the disaster in 2011. He provides his performance video through a representative agent.