Pangrok Sulap, Rhythms of Rumba, 2014, Woodcut, Blackout and Offset, 121.92 x 243.84 cm. Courtesy of Pangrok Sulap.
Pangrok Sulap, Kasih Binatang Pada Manusia (The Love of Animals towards Mankind), 2014, Woodcut, Blackout and Offset, 121.92 x 243.84 cm. Courtesy of Pangrok Sulap.
Pangrok Sulap, Meraih Sahabat Alam (Celebrating the New Plant), 2014, Woodcut, Blackout and Offset, 121.92 x 243.84 cm. Courtesy of Pangrok Sulap.

Pangrok Sulap

A former crown colony, North Borneo is a part of the commonwealth countries later residing as Sabah, the Borneo state in the formation of Federation of Malaysia in 1963. For the past 50 years, Sabah has contributed her economy from the extraction of natural resources – oil, gas, and timber- and later on the expansion of mono-crop plantations converting her forests into a cash crop industry.

In the recent years, Sabah has been at the heart of Borneo conservation in line with the global call for action to protect the remaining rainforests of the world. Through its tourism, arts & culture industry, Sabah has been addressing climate change through spreading awareness of the importance for land use sustainability and social equity. This series of artwork was originally for a festival called Rhythms of Rimba that was held in Sandakan, Sabah. This festival consists of other Sabahan artists exhibit their work and our collectives’ whole idea is to tackle potent issues to be portrayed in the artwork andto get audience be aware of what is happening with our rainforest. 

Meraih Sahabat Alam (Celebrating the New Plant)

The basic idea of this artwork is to show to people the richness of our country with its rainforest and how beautiful it is to appreciate what we have and take care of our land. With this print we want people to capture the diversity of flora and fauna in Borneo, telling the story of interdependency of animals, trees and humankind in our beliefs and culture.

Kasih Binatang Pada Manusia (The Love of Animals towards Mankind)

With this artwork we raise the issue on deforestation. How deforestation has such a massive impact on climate change. The details we put into the work and obvious image of how brutal honesty of what is happening and the loss of our rainforest by the greedy act of human in the name of globalization. 

Rhythms of Rimba

This is the last piece of the series where we formed the image with symbolic facts on Sabah’s political situation. We portrayed the animals that we show it in North-Borneo with playing instruments of music that also symbolizes rhythms and the main message from this print is the symbolic of the Hornbills trying to help the Pygmy Elephant of North Borneo in the image that means Sabah as being big and beautiful, but as well as not being able to fly by itself. Our ideal idea of Sabah and hope as well as dreams for our future generation to realize the rich land that we have and fight for our rights, and soar to reach for what we believe is rightfully ours. 

Pangrok Sulap

Founded in 2010, Malaysia.

Pangrok Sulap started to do art in the medium of woodcut technique in 2012. Our mission is to spread and share what we are good at and to give the opportunity to others to use woodcut technique as a way of expression.

Our strong element in the process-making is community participation. Apart from making the actual woodcut print, is the performance element where we play original and contemporary folk music while participants are invited to dance in circles on the finished woodcut, using the crowd’s weight to transfer ink onto the finished print, which is then revealed on the spot.

We are close to our community, it is who we are and we hope our vision fighting for the freedom of expression will continue to inspire others in the same form as we were inspired by others.