• The Workshop , 2013, 3 channel video installation, 8min1sec , Courtesy of the Artist

  • The Workshop , 2013, 3 channel video installation, 8min1sec , Courtesy of the Artist

The Workshop

The Workshop is a multi-channel video installation with sculptures and sound. The video depicts a fictional documentation of a group of people traveling underground from Israel to the Israeli Pavilion in Venice. After they arrive at the pavilion via an underground tunnel, each participant sculpts her or his self-portrait in clay and produces sounds through microphones protruding from the sculptures. The sounds are mixed by a professional sound engineer on a massive audio mixer into an acoustic and melodic arrangement that permeates the entire space.

About the Artist

Born in Haifa, Israel, in 1975, and studied at the Bezalel Academy for Art and Design (BFA), Jerusalem and then at Columbia University (MFA), NY. Known artistically for his video works and installations, Ratman aims to document aspects of human behavior which he describes as untenable. The audience is invited to explore deeply into Ratman’s scenarios, which usually lay conspicuously between fiction and reality.

Ratman has exhibited his works in museums and galleries all over the world. Solo exhibitions have included TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art (Szczecin, 2015); Israel Museum (Jerusalem, 2015); MACBA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Buenos Aires (2014); Israeli Pavilion Venice Biennale (Venice, 2013); Group exhibitions have included , Contour 2015, 7th Biennale of Moving Image (Mechelen, 2015); Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Tel Aviv, 2015); The Jewish Museum (NY, 2014); PRO ARTE (St. Petersburg, 2014);Ratman’s work is held in the permanent collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv; Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa; American University Museum, Washington DC among others.