Lim Sokchanlina

One of the most important contemporary artists in Cambodia, Lim Sokchanlina’s work captures the past, present and future of Cambodia with a perspective always more precise and accurate than reality. He works across diverse creative media, including documentary, video, installation, performance and photography, and endeavors in the education and promotion of video and photography art in Cambodia. What brings these media together is the artist’s consistent passion for Cambodia and Phnom Penh, along with the unease and sorrow that surfaces in his work now and then.

In Wrapped Future II on view in the exhibition, the artist places a wall at the center of the image and in various locations, from swamp to rubber plantation, in Cambodian mountains. According to the artist, “The future that I always look for is uncertain, fragility and unrealizable.” The wall in Wrapped Future II also hints at the haunting separation, distance and absence in Cambodian society and history.

Regarding the question of time, Lim plans to partially exhibit his long-term and on-going photography project, titled Phnom Penh 2043, in the Asia Art Biennial. Featuring the artist’s documentation of Phnom Penh throughout the years, the project is not only a photographic portrayal of his own family history, but also reveals an apocalyptic visual fable revolving around unreasonable development projects in modern Phnom Penh. Could the ghosts from the past utter predictions about the future? Lim Sokchanlina’s work perhaps, in its uniquely poetic way, offers an answer to this question.

Wrapped Future II: Rubber Plantation, Kompong Cham Province

Wrapped Future II: Mekong River, Stung Treng Province

Wrapped Future II: Areng Valley, Koh Kong Province

Casino Naga World II, Phnom Penh

Wrapping Independence Monument, Phnom Penh

Wrapping Royal Palace, Phnom Penh